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Week 7

My mom was in town this past week and before I left for Body Back I explained what it was we were doing and how excited I was to go. And she sarcastically responded, “Oh yes, so exciting. Working out for an hour after a long day!” She was still encouraging and was happy for me to have found something I enjoy, but at the same time didn’t quite understand why I would want to spend my evening working out.

And that’s when I realized how much I loved Body Back.

I didn’t feel like driving 15 minutes across town in a cold car, leaving my warm sweatpants and family at home. I didn’t want to push myself and push my body physically after a long day. I didn’t want to move from the sofa.

But something draws me to go, twice a week, for the past seven weeks. And it’s the community. It’s the other moms. It’s the instructor who knows how to push me. It’s the accountability. It’s the thought of being kid-free. It’s for the feeling when the workout is over, and we lay on our yoga mats for five minutes at the end. It’s for the encouragement. It’s for the challenge that awaits me. It’s to see my friends. It’s time for me.