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Week 5 & 6

Last week was Thanksgiving week and we kept rolling right along, working out and giving thanks, watching what we ate and being sure to enjoy ourselves while making healthy choices. Some would say the holiday’s are the worse time to do an intense results-based workout program, but I would disagree. It’s been one of the best times to get back on track instead of letting go and giving in to the abundance of food that is constantly available to us at this time of year.

These last two weeks have been hard mentally — the stress of the holidays, balancing family time with couple time, working hard at the workouts and also keeping close tabs on food we put in our mouths.

Which leads me to what has turned out to my favorite part of each workout, the meditation portion. At the end of every grueling workout, we turn the lights low, lay on our yoga mats, and breathe. We lay there in silence for about three to five minutes, let our bodies sink into the floor, and breathe while listening quietly to instrumental music and some food for thought.

Topics such as confidence, taking up space, being grateful and how it changes our outlook. This past week we discussed how gratefulness can change a stranger to a friend, a house to a home, and a meal into a feast. Those are just some examples, but it’s wonderful, especially as a mother, to have a few minutes of thinking and quiet and stillness. It’s a big gift at the end of a long day.