Week 4

It’s hard to stay motivated. Eating clean is a struggle. Pushing myself to workout after a long, tiring day isn’t easy. But being in this small group of mommas, working through all of this together has helped me stay accountable and has lead me to take a step ahead in my fitness journey. We also got an email from Lindsay, our fearless instructor, telling us it's now half way through the program. It will seem like we aren't making much progress, we might feel like giving up. BUT DON'T. Keep working hard, keep coming back. The effort will pay off.

So now I am ready to kick it into high gear for the second half of the program!

Part of the reason why Body Back has been successful for me so far is the heart rate monitors we strap to ourselves before every workout. It’s just one more layer of motivation. The monitors are linked to an iPad throughout the class, so we can see what zone we are in and how hard we are working. It’s a great way to be able to gage if we need to turn it up a bit.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, there are summaries after each workout that are emailed straight to you, giving you an idea of how long you were in each zone, how many calories were burned, and a graph of all the information.

Our private facebook group has been a great resource as well. Our challenge this week was to post our fridge full of healthy snacks and foods, meal plans for the week, and us prepping those foods. It was a great way to stay accountable and gather ideas and recipes from other mommas eating a clean diet.

Body Back is definitely a group effort -- encouragement and accountability! I've loved getting to know these ladies so far in the four weeks and I can't see where the next four weeks will take us!

{Scroll through some of the pictures below to get a taste of what I'm talking about!}

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