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Week 2

Monday: These mommas even meet on Halloween night, after all our sugar-filled children are in bed! That’s dedication! We all showed up ready to work, with a bit more energy than normal after an exciting night of trick-or-treating.

The workout did not disappoint. We warmed up together, focused on positive self-talk, and started our interval workout, switching between grueling stations of cardio, strength, and core. Lindsay, our instructor, kept pushing us throughout the night. But the entire time I saw little high fives between moms, small smiles, and “you got this, girl!’ muttered to each other. Encouragement and teamwork.

Wednesday: Weigh-ins happened before our work out, and I was hopeful. Even though it’s only week two, we have all been trying to eat healthy, whole foods and workout with every ounce of energy our bodies can muster. And I lost one pound! I'm sure it will take a while to get my body to catch up with the rockin' workouts.

This upcoming week, I'm focusing on being more intentional with my food shopping and eating. For a real change to happen in my energy and body, my eating habits must be a priority. Luckily, we have two notebooks given to us at the start of our Body Back journey that have food suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. My plan is to shop for specific lunch and snack items, so when hunger strikes I am ready with a healthy snack to fuel up.

Check back next week for another update on our workouts and how I did with my eating- complete with a day's diary of each thing I ate!