Week 1

Monday: Assessment Day! We were able to discuss the real reason behind the name “Body Back” which isn’t just about weight, but about getting our body back in alignment, back into action, back to where we can move, live, and feel confident.

Then we dove in to sit ups, push ups, crunches, and bicep curls, trying to do as many as we could, as long as we could go. What I loved most about it was we were competing against each other and ourselves during this time, but we all encouraged each other too. It was so positive the entire time, which is one of the reasons I love these ladies!

After the physical assessments, we started the weigh-ins, measurements, before photos, and BMI assessment. I was in charge of taking pictures and the scale. And do you want to know one thing in common of every woman, including me?

We all were speaking negative-self-talk. When the pictures were taken, there was some sort of comment along the lines of “I don’t ever want to see those pictures!” or “Those pictures are going to turn out so bad.” Almost every foot that stepped on that scale rolled her eyes, commented on the number, and didn’t even want to write it down.

But the things we need to remember are that we have created little humans, in our bodies. We have birthed them, stayed up all night for them, fed them, and poured out all our energy on them. We are warriors in this life, and our bodies show the scars. And they should be scars we are proud of.

With that being said, my before pictures are included in this post. I must say I did hesitate to publish them. I didn’t like the lighting, my clothes are tight, and I feel uncomfortable in my own skin. But that’s what this program is about. Encouraging positive self-talk, remembering how truly amazing our bodies are, and taking care of ourselves.

Wednesday: One momma showed up seriously sleep deprived. Another had been dealing with tantrums all day long. And another momma hadn’t seen her husband after a long work day but for 5 minutes and jetted right off to class.

That’s inspiring. That’s hard work. That’s determination. We understand each other, and push each other, and inspire one another. Those women probably didn’t think they are inspiring, but they are.

And we do it not only to try to get our jeans to fit a little nicer, but because for this one hour we are focused on us. We come to work out as athletes, friends, and encouragers. Even though the workouts were physically draining and difficult, I left feeling renewed. It’s amazing, this body of ours, and I’m happy to be keeping it healthy alongside this group of women.

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