The Results

It's not easy standing in front of one of your friends with only your sports bra on and some tight workout capris for a picture. Amiright?! But, I did it. I was hesitant to share at first, but quickly got over the fear. Body Back has taught me that.

I need to take up space. I need to be proud of my accomplishments. I need to be thrilled that my body has carried and birthed two healthy, happy boys within the last two years.

So I'm going to work hard, honor my body, and be OK with posting my photos and results. It's not all about the looks. There are a lot of other facts that blew my mind!

Total Inches Lost {waist, bust, hips, thighs}: 5 inches

Total Weight Lost: 8 pounds

BMI: Overweight range down to a Normal range

Body Fat Percentage: 11.5% change

Number of Push-ups until exhaustion: increased by 21 pushups

Number of Bicep Curls in a minute: increased by 5 curls

Holding a plank: increased by almost a minute

I started this program just four months post-partum with my second baby. And I finished this program with my little man at six months. My clothes are feeling better, my posture has improved, and I am more motivated than ever to lead a healthy lifestyle! Body Back helps teach you to eat whole foods, healthy snacks, and balance eating to fuel your body.

Who's ready to sign up for the next session?!

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