Motivating Mom of the Month- October

Meet Virginia!

Momma to James & August

Our village wouldn’t be the same without Virginia! She has been a part of our community since April 2014 and has been working hard ever since. Virginia is outgoing, encouraging, and a great momma to her two boys. Here is a bit more from Virginia!

{be sure to read all the way through, her story at the end is great!}

1} What is some advice you would give a first time mom?

The best advice that I would give a first time mom is to not be afraid to reach out. When my first son, James, was born – I was working over full time at our family business and had a very hard time adjusting to how I could do all my work and care for him. I had to learn the hard way that while I am a super woman – I genuinely can not do it all. I reached out and made friends with other moms at stroller strides who helped me know that it was not just me going through this internal struggle. All of us at some point or another have felt overwhelmed with work, kids, husbands, family; endless hands (some little and some big) tugging at our hems for our attention. This wonderful group encouraged me to work some more time in for myself (lets hear it for Mom’s Night Out!) so that I would be able to regain some of my sanity and keep going.

2} What motives you to workout? Even on stressful and busy days?

For me the work out is the bonus – I enjoy getting to go see the other mamas at class and discuss our day. They are a wonderful group to laugh and sweat with and they can always give me some perspective on what is going on with either work or with my boys. My husband and I do not have many friends here with children – so I always look forward to going to talk to my “stroller mamas” (as my son calls them) about what is going on in our lives. That being said – what a workout! I started running again with stroller strides and I found that I became so much faster and stronger than I was even before having kids.

3} How did you hear about SS and what made you keep coming back?

My doctor told me that exercise (in moderation!) was going to be the best recovery from my emergency C-section that had not quite gone according to plan. I took forever to recover and I had started to worry about how on earth I was going to find the time to get exercise into my already busy day. At that point I was faced with the dilemma – take my kids to a gym after they had been in school all day and go to another daycare, or try to work out on my own at some insane time of the day. Enter Beth (one of the other stroller mamas). Her son and my oldest son, went to school together. We had gotten to know each other through seeing each other every morning/ afternoon and she told me about this class that was going to be starting in the spring that you can work out and bring your babies. I honestly agreed to go with her just to be nice – thinking that it would just be moms walking around with their babies in their strollers at a leisurely go. I went the second Saturday that Lindsay had class and I got my butt worked off. I was practically crippled sore for three days. Three. Days. Ladies. I had always prided myself on being a fit and active person – and I really was before I had kids. Lindsay has helped me look forward to exercising again. At first it was all about losing the baby weight for me. Now to tell you the truth it is simply just a side effect. I enjoy how strong and fast I have become – and the friends that I have made along the way. When my second son August was born – I went into that pregnancy stronger and more confident than I did with my first. For the first time I had a genuine support system that helped me inside and out.

To Sum it up:

The true beauty of Stroller Strides is that you can tailor the exercises to your needs and to your fitness level. Lindsay has always been awesome to give us a range of exercise from less strenuous to more difficult depending on your body. I had been going for a few months when my husband decided to come along with me for one of our family days. My husband, was a distance runner in college and is all over an obnoxiously fit person (he is the love of my life – so yes I can call him obnoxious). He is the kind of guy who can go out (after taking several months off) and run thirteen miles without any trouble – and do it at a faster pace than I can keep up on a bicycle. Mark decided to come out with us thinking, as I had before, that this would be an easy day for him to get to see what I had been doing and to play with our baby. I believe that day was the core challenge where we did about 1 million planks and about 5 million burpees. My very fit, non post-partum husband decided he would do everything to the hardest level… and lasted exactly 18 minutes. He kind of wimped out and pushed the stroller till it came time for class to end. He did not want to show anyone but when he got in the car he could hardly lift his legs up to get into our car. He then and there decided that we were a “much fitter group” than he had originally anticipated and that he could not believe that we do that three days a week. I did not have the heart to tell him that Lindsay tends to take it easy on the days when we include the dads… Needless to say now I can almost keep up to him running and he still comes to our classes amazed at how we can run and sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” all at the same time.