Motivating Mom of the Month - July

Our July Motivating Mom of the Month is Heather a.k.a. Hudson and Harrisons mama!

Heather has been part of our FIT4MOM Lexington village since October 2015. She has been committed to attending classes, pushing herself physically, and encouraging other moms along the way since day one! We are so glad she and her sweet boys are part of our village! Here is more from Heather:

1} What's your favorite part of motherhood?

My favorite part of motherhood is seeing the world through my children's eyes. There are so many "firsts". Everything, even the smallest thing, is an amazing new experience to them. You get to witness pure joy almost daily.

2} What's some advice you would give a first-time mother?

I would share my favorite advice I received with my first son. Especially once he became old enough to not listen to me and throw fits, I always worried if I was being a good enough mom, if I was doing the right things to make sure he turned out to be a good and kind person, etc. Amid my worrying, an acquaintance told me, "Don't worry, the fact that you care enough to worry about it means your child will grow up to be a great person."

3} How did you find out about FIT4MOM? What kept you coming back?

When I started staying home full time, I immediately googled activities for babies and moms. I found a stroller workout group in Cincinnati -- an outside activity that included a workout for me -- and I knew it was for us.

Aside from the great workout, I met an amazing group of welcoming and supportive women, and our children quickly became friends. About a year and a half later, we relocated to Lexington for my husband's job. I was 30 weeks pregnant and did not know a soul. We moved on a Saturday, and that very Monday I waddled my pregnant self and almost 2 year old son to Stroller Strides, where I met what has now become my village.