Motivating Mom of the Month - February

Each month we take an opportunity to recognize one of our 'Motivating Moms' Our February Motivating Mom of the Month is Hannah a.k.a. Graysons mommy! She continues to set goals, work hard and encourage those around her! We are thrilled to announce that Hannah will be joining our team as an instructor in the very near future! And to think, she almost didn't come to her first class because she, like SO many of us, was hesitant to start something new while still trying to navigate being a new mommy. Thank you for allowing FIT4MOM Lexington to take part in your journey through motherhood!

Below is more from Hannah...

I am so excited to be recognized as February's Mom of the Month! Fit4Mom has helped me get back into shape after pregnancy and has been a big part of my motivation in making and keeping fitness and health goals. I just turned 29 in November and in my last year of my 20s, I have decided to complete at least one 5K each month, to prove to myself I've still got it! I also made a goal for myself to get certified as a Group Fitness Instructor and begin teaching Stroller Strides classes, which is already in the works! Becoming a Mom has made me stronger than ever and I hope I can inspire others to make goals as well!

1) What is your favorite part of motherhood?

- My favorite part of motherhood is getting to watch my son learn new things while we play and laugh.

2) What is one piece of advice would you give to a first time mom?

- My advice is something I have to tell myself of a daily basis, "Relax! You're doing great!"

3) What brought you to FIT4MOM and why do you stay?

-Since I was newly part time with my job and a new mom, I needed something to do outside the home to keep myself sane but needed to take Grayson. That and I desperately needed to get back in shape! Being a part of this group has helped me gain confidence as a mother and as a woman. Also, it is a great place for both Grayson and I to make friends!

4) What is your favorite exercise?

- I really enjoy when we play games or have teams/competition. It makes the workout fun and our mommas always provide a lot of motivation to work harder!