Mom of the Month- November

Congratulations to Elizabeth for being the Mom of the Month!! Elizabeth joined our village in March of this year and has been a fabulous addition to our group of mommas! Her good attitude is contagious and so is her smile! Elizabeth has a great listening ear and is quick to help another mom out. Thanks, Elizabeth, for working hard and being a part of our village.

1} What is some advice you would give a first time mom?

Go with the flow! I thought I had a plan of how I was going to do things when Webb came home. I learned very quickly Webb wasn't ok with that plan or that my body wasn't on board with what I wanted. My husband, Clay, was the one who reminded me not everything had to be exactly how I thought it should be, or what other moms had told me their experience was. We had to adapt, and the best thing I could have learned was to just let things happen.

2} What motives you to workout? Even on stressful and busy days?

There are definitely days when I feel like I'm too busy or too stressed to do much of anything. But those are the days I need to work out the most. Even if it is just getting outside for a walk. I always feel better after working out. And, bonus, I sleep better at night when I work out. Working out with Webb in tow helps to teach him to be active and healthy.

3} How did you hear about SS and what made you keep coming back?

Sarah is the reason I came to Stroller Strides. She tried to convince me for a long time and for some reason I kept resisting. But I'm so glad that she kept asking me to come with her! The people who I have met are amazing. They motivate me to push myself. And Webb loves all of the kiddos! The time spent getting to know these women while working out or while watching our children play together is a much needed break from day to day stress of things. The workouts are pretty awesome too. At first, Clay wasn't convinced about how hard the workouts were. Until finally, he was able to experience a family workout. After that, he was very impressed!! He knew we worked hard, but didn't realize that the Macarena could turn into a 4 minute plank.