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Mom of the Month- November

Daly is such a joy to be around! This mama is a consistent presence in our Stroller Strides classes, and also had a very successful Body Back session! At our last Mom's Night Out event, she got us into a lively game and we all laughed until our cheeks hurt! She is a huge part of our village and we are so thankful we have found her!

{1} Tell us who you are and a little about your kids and family!

My name is Daly Ellis and I am married to Jordan. We have been married for 4.5 years. We have 2 babies in heaven and our sweet rainbow baby Cooper! We have lived in Lexington for 2.5 years and we love it here!

{2} What do you like most about being a mom?

I think the thing I love the most about being a mom is the immense love that I have for my children. I have had to give up more than I ever thought I would and I wouldn't change a thing.

{3} Why do you stick with FIT4MOM as your workout program?

I stick with Fit4Mom because of two reasons. First, I really didn't have any friends before I started coming to Stroller Strides but now I have so many wonderful friends that I wouldn't trade for anything! Second, I wouldn't ever go to the gym by myself, and I love that I get to bring Cooper and show him how much fun exercise can be!

{4} What would you tell a first time mom to encourage them to take time for them?

First time moms: Ask your husband or significant other to take candid pictures of you and your baby! We rarely get to be in the pictures, so its nice to have pictures that aren't selfies!

{5} Any funny stories mom stories?

There was about a 3 week period where Cooper would have blow outs EVERY SINGLE DAY I went to stroller strides. Some days I had a diaper, but no clothes or wipes. Some days I had nothing. Moms would pull into the parking lot and see me changing Cooper in the trunk and just ask what I needed! This village of moms rocks!