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Mom of the Month- May

1. Tell us who you are and a little about your kids and family.

Hi! My name is Ginger! I was born and raised in Louisiana. I lived there until I moved to Dallas, Texas for Dental Hygiene school. I met my husband, Chris in Texas. We called Ft. Worth, Texas home for 8 years(Chris’s hometown). We moved to Lexington in July 2013. I have three girls…Harmon (6), Hadleigh (3), and Hollis (2). I worked full-time in pediatric dentistry up until Hadeligh was born and I have been a stay at home mom ever since.

2. What do you like most about being a mom?

Mostly what I like about being a mom is that there is no right or wrong. There is a HUGE margin of error. Every child is so different, including each of my three are so very different. It really is about just figuring out what works best for each of them. It took me a long time to realize after my first that I am my own worst critic. There is not one book or one person that has it perfect. Being a mom is doing the best you can do for your kids and trying to say SANE in the midst of it all.

3. Why do you stick with Stroller Strides as your workout program?

Stroller Strides has been a great workout for me. My children enjoy coming and I LOVE that they see how important exercise is to me. The motivation of the instructors and the other members is always what I need to keep pushing during the exercises. I really enjoy the other moms and the conversations that we have. Someone always has suggestions if you need them…advice about what worked for them in a certain situation…and an ear to listen if you just need to talk. Nine times out of ten someone is going through or has been through something with parenting that it is nice to hear what they did in that certain situation. Who knows….It may work for you! Also…I may add that the BODY BACK program is AMAZING and it’s just a little more that this momma sure needed.

4. What would you tell a first time mom to encourage them to take time for them?

If I have any advice to give 1st time moms, I would have to say Please take care of yourselves! In order to take care of those babies, you have to take care of yourself first! Making time for yourself is not always easy but “squeeze” it in! You will be so HAPPY that you did.

5. Tell us a funny motherhood story!

I shouldn’t really tell anyone this story…but it just goes to show sometimes we just can’t get it all right ALL the time!

I was at Kroger and I was pushing my double stroller and pulling the cart. My list was lengthy and I didn’t have room for all my groceries or the time for my kids to be pulling everything out. I get all my shopping done…Finally! Check out! Push the stroller to the car. Put the kids in their seats. Fold my stroller and put it in the car. Turn to put my groceries in the car….And NO cart and NO groceries. I had left my whole cart of groceries in the store. Got the girls out of their seats…loaded them back in stroller…went back in and there they were…my abandoned groceries. The clerk said, “we wondered how long it would take you to realize.” Anyway…that’s my story. At least the kids made it out of the store first and not the groceries. HA!