Mom of the Month- February

Congratulations to Liz for being our Mom of the Month for February. Liz is one of those women that you can easily talk to, whenever, wherever, about anything! She's a great positive momma to have in class and is always up for fun. Thanks Liz for joining our village back in June- we're so glad you're with us. Now let's learn a little more about Liz!

1} What motivates you to workout, even on busy days?

Working out keeps me balanced. If I don’t work out, I end up yelling at my husband [more than usual]. So, it is definitely best for all of us if I get some workout time in during the week.

2} Tell me about your son!

I have an 18 month old, Tony! He is named after the Patron Saint of Miracles because doctors told us we couldn’t have children naturally. My husband went through chemo in 2010, but five years later, he was in remission and then Tony was born! So, we think he is pretty special, but definitely keeps me on my toes!

3} How did you hear about Stroller Strides and why do you keep coming back?

I was searching for something Tony and I could do together to meet other kids and moms. It is tough getting off work, picking up Tony and making it to evening classes, but it is totally worth it! Meeting everyone at class reminds me I’m not the only one going through the struggle everyday.

4} What's your favorite part about being a mom?

Having Tony keeps life in perspective. I don’t work as much and play more. I love doing things now that I used to do as a kid, like going to the zoo and jumping in puddles!

5} Where are you from and how did you end up living in Lexington?

I’m originally from Fort Wayne, IN, but went to college at the University of Kentucky. After school, I started my career in Chicago for a couple years, then decided to move back to Lexington where I’m a Wildcat at heart! Go CATS!