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Mom of the Month- February

Each month we like to recognize one mama from our village, and this month it's Sarah! She is mama to two sweet kids, Annabel and Hank and we love that she is a dedicated mama, wife, friend, and fit mom! Read more about Sarah below!

{1} Tell us who you are and a little about your kids and family!

Hi, I’m Sarah! My husband, Andrew, and I have two children: Annabel (3) and Hank, who turns one next week. Our family moved from North Carolina to Lexington in 2015, so that my husband could finish his cardiology training at UK. I’m a freelance writer, which means I stay in the leggings I wore to SS all day long and my “boss” never knows.

{2} What do you like most about being a mom?

I have found such joy in the simple things. It’s the sweetest when my daughter says “hold you” instead of “hold me.” Hank is starting to walk (he took six steps at SS last week), which makes my heart want to explode. I’ve also loved starting traditions with my little family, like our Friday pizza parties.

Although parenthood has many challenges, I’ve noticed that my husband and I laugh the hardest when we are chatting about our littles and the funny/outrageous things they did or said that day. I’m quickly learning that the days can be (very) long, but the years are so short. I’m trying to soak up all of highs and lows in this season of motherhood.

{3} Why do you stick with FIT4MOM as your workout program?

Thanks to a recommendation from my friend Sarah, I tried a SS class when Hank was eight weeks. After my first workout, I was hooked. With other workouts / gym memberships, I always had to force myself to go. I never dread going to FIT4MOM. Instead, I look forward to each class and so do my kiddos. I not only enjoy the workout, but the company. I sometimes think the instructors would prefer it if I enjoyed the company a little less. ;) I love that I always leave class with a new parenting hack or item to add to my Amazon cart. Most mornings, my crew and I are at SS. I get a workout in, time with friends and then my kids take great naps—it is a win-win for everyone. I have stuck with the program for almost a year because FIT4MOM is good for my mind, body and soul.

{4} What would you tell a first time mom to encourage them to take time for them?

I would tell a first time mom, or really any mom, that carving out time for yourself is an essential part of taking care of yourself and the ones you love. I constantly have to remind myself that taking time for myself isn’t selfish, it’s necessary. MNO have been such a highlight of my time with FIT4MOM because once a month I get out of the house (sans children). I find myself driving home from MNO feeling rejuvenated and thankful for the FIT4MOM village. In the few short years I’ve been a mom, I’ve learned time and time again that motherhood takes a village. First-time mamas, take time for yourself and find your village. You’ll be a better, happier mom.

{5} Any funny stories about FIT4MOM or with kids or mom stories??

My three-year-old Annabel loves “workout class”, i.e. Stroller Strides, so much that she plays it at home. She runs around the living room with a toy stroller and water bottle. She asks that I play music and loves to yell, “go, mommies, go!” Her teacher at MDO has also told me that when she asks the children what they think their mom or dad is doing today, Annabel’s response is “my mommy is at her workout class getting strong.” It’s amazing to see the positive effects that FIT4MOM has had on my entire family.