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Mom of the Month- December

1} What is your favorite part about being a momma?

My favorite part of being a momma is watching Madeline explore the world and become her own person. Simple things like baking cookies or now the ornaments on our Christmas tree are new to her and she's starting to make connections and talking about everything! "That cookie is hot! This ornament is red." In fact her favorite phrase this week is "what's that momma?" ALL DAY LONG! But cuddling with her first thing in the morning before the sun rises and answering her never ending questions only makes me love her and my husband more.

2} What advice would you give a first time mom?

Get out of the house everyday, even just a walk at the park or grab lunch at a drive thru while your kiddo naps in the car. Fresh air does a lot of good those first few months. Exercise is also great to start feeling like your body is yours again. I picked up running after Madeline and it was a great way to have time by myself, listen to podcasts and not be needed by anyone for just a few minutes. Also, however you are feeling is probably completely normal but talk to other moms about it. It's calming and reassuring to hear another mom say, "yep, that's happening at my house too or I felt that way too."

3} What's your favorite exercise?

I can't tell you what my husband answered when I asked him this question.... :) I love when we do circuit training and ab workouts.

4} Any memorable moments or funny stories??

I thought I was in somewhat decent shape when I started Stroller Strides. I had just finished my first 10k. I was wrong! I have strengthened muscles I didn't think I had or could have. I had no idea how strong mommas could be until I joined Stroller Strides. I now want to shout it from the rooftops!