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Mom Of The Month - April

Congratulations to Denise- a wonderful mama & friend! She is a smiling force in our Stroller Strides classes and we are so thankful she is a part of our FIT4MOM Lexington family! Read more about Denise below!

Hi I am Denise! My husband, Connor, and I have a very happy and curious 15-month-old boy named Collin. My husband and I met in college at Brigham Young University where I graduated in the illustration program. We moved here for my husband’s medical school three years ago. I am from Lexington originally so I have my parents only 10 minutes away. I am a stay at home mom working part time as a children’s book illustrator. I am illustrating my first children's book currently. It is THE Fit4Mom book called “Mama’s Workout Buddy” written by Carina Parks. The first appearance will be in September so be on the lookout for it. Also I do the covers for KIT children’s magazine, I recently started selling prints of my paintings (well one painting so far), customized nursery silhouettes and I do commission work. Phew! I love it all so much.

I love being Collin’s mom. My favorite thing is how happy it makes him when we play together or walk together or anything together. He gets really excited and has this huge silly smile that fills his whole face. Literally, I can’t even see his eyes. I am a first time mom so everything I do feels like I am making a mistake but those smiles and laughs reassure me that it’s ok, keep going you are doing a great job.

I think my advice to anyone who just had a baby would be to be first- breathe. It is going to be hard so pace yourself, but most importantly find other moms and be friends. Being a mom has been the hardest thing and no one will completely understand like another mom. Find things that make you proud to be a mom because this is a new and huge part of your identity that needs to be valued, developed and loved.

I LOVE FIT4MOM! There I said it! Discovering this program has been a huge blessing for me. It is worth every penny. Trust me, on a med student budget we can’t afford to not be part of this program. Like we make room in our budget for this. It is one of those things where it makes me feel very proud to be a mom. There is something really heroic (I can’t think of a less cheesy word here) than taking care of your body and playing with your child next to you with other moms doing the same thing with a trainer helping you focus all at the same. Your child deserves the best mom possible and I think taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do for you and your baby. Plus being a mom is so labor intensive. I finally have built up enough upper body strength from class to not be in pain all the time whenever I carry Collin around.

On my first day of class my stroller fell apart. I was super embarrassed because I didn’t know anyone and I was very self conscious how I looked in front of everyone. The trainer (Lindsay) said it was not a big deal and someone let Collin sit in their double stroller. The trainer let me borrow their extra stroller until I bought a really good stroller. Everyone is so nice at stroller strides!