Workout & Nutrition

The Workout

I am proud to say I started by journey with Body Back Transformation workouts today. I was really tired starting out, but soon got that blood pumping. Half way through the workout, Lindsay reminded us to work outside our comfort level. Can we push just a little harder? Her words made me want to work harder. I remember what I wrote on my SMART goals over the weekend; To change my inner thoughts to, I can and I WILL. I actually told myself, I can and I will. This helped me push through to the end.

As I sit here in my office this morning I feel full of energy and elated. I have a better concentration level than normal and after only 1 workout? Sold. I'll be back on Friday!

The Nutrition

We did our assessments and goals this past Saturday. I was feeling very motivated after being with all the hard working moms on Saturday. Their words and goals inspired me to be "all in." I completed my weekly menu planning on Sunday, went grocery shopping, and even did some meal preparations on Sunday. These have been a life saver for me this week because I am having a very, very busy work week. I look through my meal plan the night before so I can plan my day ahead and there's my food menu so it takes all the weekday thinking out of meal times. Super helpful.

My nutrition victories this week: a vendor brought doughnuts to the office yesterday. I didn't have any and took a walk instead. I was craving chocolate after Stroller Strides last night.....had some fresh raspberries instead. They were just sweet enough to take away that craving.

Let's bring on the rest of the week!

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