Going into the third week of Body Back Transformation I was excited because I felt a big difference in how I physically felt. I was feeling stronger, energetic, and a more positive attitude.

A major component of this program is assessments because we need to measure our progress. The assessments include weekly weigh-ins. I was very excited to see progress in this area! Wednesday's weight-in gave me even more motivation and made me feel great because I could actually see the progress I had made in the prior two weeks of hard work. I wanted to work even harder this week and I had a renewed focus on the overall goal.

I've been raving about the tools and resources of this program, and I'll reiterate them again. The workouts which are focused on women's specific needs for their body are amazing. The meal planning and resource guides have been a huge part of my weekly meal planning. I use these on a weekly basis to plan my meals and snacks. We even have a body back "bestie!" This person is our accountability partner. We can rely on them for support and more resources for meal planning, checking in on our food journal, and just to talk. I think the accountability is a huge resource for me! There's also a Facebook group page where we can share in our progress, status, and challenges. This group helps to keep the momentum going throughout the week.

I just read my "welcome to week 4" email and I'm excited and ready to see what week 4 brings! One thing I know it will bring....more progress!!!