Win the Mornings

Last week was the final Fit4Mom Body Back preview class before we start our 8 week program. The following day I went to my company’s annual kick-off meeting where Dan McDonnell (University of Louisville’s baseball coach) spoke and encouraged us to set up our environment to “Win the Morning!” His talk was so well timed and I am really excited about how Body Back is helping me move toward this goal.

I have done three preview classes now. They are a sweat-producing, muscle-toning, workouts-and-a-half. I have been mentally prepping and planning so I can get out the door in time for the 5:15 am workout, make it back home to shower and get ready for work, all done in half the time I normally take. This means food prep on the weekend (non-negotiable), having my outfit laid out the night before, and breakfasts and lunches ready to grab and go each day.

If you cannot tell from my previous posts, I live a pretty high octane lifestyle where it is go, go, go from sun-up to sun-down. I am looking forward to my new commitment to Body Back though and I have enlisted the help of a few trusted resources to help me keep my sanity. Kroger Click List will free up an hour or so each week by gathering my groceries and delivering them to my car. Also a big shout-out to my amazing mom and the Instant Pot she gifted me for Christmas (if you don’t know what I am talking about, you need to know what I am talking about!). The Instant Pot was a little intimidating at first and I have not quite harnessed all of its potential yet but with the help of some friends I am quickly realizing it is worth all the raves it gets. I can make nutritious meals in minutes as long as I prep the vegetables in advance and I am freeing up about 30 minutes to an hour of time each night that I normally spend standing over my stove.

While making my workouts a part of the morning routine is driving me towards new efficiencies, I am also really excited about the efficiency of the Body Back workout within itself. The 1 hour high intensity program is designed so that the two classes cover the bulk of my workouts for the week. It is recommended that participants do at least one additional full body workout within the week (I will be joining Stroller Strides classes on Saturday mornings since I really count on seeing my mama and baby friends each week for the community aspect). This means that I will have more time during the nights though (the time I usually would be working out) now that I am knocking this out first thing in the morning.

During the preview class last week I was reminded of several things that will help me transition to the new routine, as well as a few more reasons why I love this program so much! The first reminder: I need to remember to turn my alarm clock on! Whoops. Easy to fix and I bet I won’t make the mistake again. Something else that really stood out to me during the last class is the way in which this program meets mamas wherever they are. I have an old foot injury that I always have to nurse. The instructor is really great at making sure we have modifications whether it is for varying fitness levels or for an old injury that needs some extra love and attention. There is not a set “right way, wrong-way” (well there is proper form, but there are lots of ways to modify each exercise) and every woman’s fitness needs and goals are different on some level. We each decide what we need from the program and no matter which modification we choose, we all get in an amazing workout.

The last thing we did at the end of the class was something most of my mom friends really struggle with. We laid completely still with nothing but our thoughts and we each focused on one single daily action that we are willing to commit to. I knew exactly what my commitment needed to be and hopefully with all of the efficiencies I am creating through Body Back in the morning, food prep on the weekends, and outsourcing whenever I can, it should be easier than ever to make this happen.

So here is my daily commitment: I am going to play. Each and every day I am committing to get down on the ground, ignore the noise of all the demands around me, and just play. To add a little fun to it all I am making a sticker chart so my family can hold me accountable and track my progress.

I am ready. Ready to “Win the Morning! Win the Day!”