The Struggle

Life has been crazy, y'all! For the last several weeks I was intensely focused on passing a test while balancing work, family, and attempting to keep up with daily life requirements like clean clothes, preparing healthy meals, breathing. Even the simple stuff started to feel hard!

Unfortunately, planning and prepping healthy meals gets thrown to the curb when life gets chaotic and busy. After doing great with entering my meals into My Fitness Pal for the first five weeks, the last week turned into a tailspin. I stopped tracking my meals and one missed day turned into two, turned into a week and with it I willfully became less aware of the decisions I have been making.

I have no clue if I ate healthy or not throughout the week but I certainly was not as cognizant about what I was eating. I value the data and notice I am more deliberate about portions and choices when I am tracking my meals throughout the day. It also helps me feel good about the occasional indulgence when I eat some delicious treat and still fall within my daily nutrition goals (talking to you slice of strawberry cake from Good Foods).

Here is the good news though. We have one week left of Body Back and all is not lost. I have made a lot of progress despite a minor backslide. I want to get the most out of this program. For me that means having easy and healthy meals ready to go in advance of the workweek and keeping track of what I am eating throughout the day. So, for the last week of Body Back I am committing to bringing back my meal plan, giving the nutrition component the attention it deserves, and paying attention to the choices I make by logging everything in to My Fitness Pal.

To make it a little easier for me to meal plan the week ahead, I went back through the five weeks of meals already logged in My Fitness Pal and put every meal into a spreadsheet. I always have a hard time thinking of what I want to eat for the next week when it is time to plan and prep but now that I have actual data of what I have eaten over the course of five weeks, I have a much more accurate way to predict what a normal week of meals typically should look like for me. I am going to use this today as I make my meal plan for the next week.

I can hardly wait to see what my results look like next week when we wrap up at the end of this week and finish out the assessment!