Midway Check In

Four weeks down, four weeks to go!

My half-way assessment: this program is so much more incredible than I initially thought it would be. I expected it to be something I would commit to, I would be happy I did it, but I would wake each morning dreading the workout ahead until the hour was up. Really happy to say, my expectations have been pleasantly flipped on their head.

I love this class, I love this program, I love the women I workout with each morning, and I love, love, love feeling strong!

The workouts continue to be intense but it has become so much easier to stay in each interval throughout the whole class. The added strength in my arms, legs, and core are already noticeable after just a month of the Body Back program. One thing I have never been good at is a full push up. Lately I get an urge to hop into pushups just to see how many I can knock out (the number is not high but it is definitely more than I could do four weeks ago, and my form is on point!). Being able to feel a difference from my toes to my nose really helps me push myself to go a little harder at each class and with each exercise. The best part about building enough strength to successfully stay in the exercises for the whole class is that the hour goes SO MUCH FASTER! I can remember the first few classes thinking, “DANG! We are only 20 minutes in. Someone should be pleading for mercy on our behalf. Somebody? Anybody?”

An hour of Body Back is a fraction of the time that an hour was a month ago.

Even when the class was at its most challenging though, I have never dreaded the early morning workouts. I would never do this workout on my own. It just would not happen. It is the positive energy from the team of women I meet with each morning that is key to getting me out the door at 5 am into these 15 degree mornings. We all have our own strengths and go at our own speed, but every woman in the group is pushing themselves towards a healthier, stronger place while supporting one another in the pursuit as well. It is addictive.

While I have been going hard in the workouts, there was one thing that I slacked on this past week: my meal planning and prepping. The first three weeks I did a great job of planning and logging every food, every day. Life has been busy, busy, busy the past several weeks though and it caught up with me last weekend. I would say I had more of a half-plan, with a few things prepped but not a weeks-worth of ingredients ready. I noticed how much more energy I had to spend on weeknights as a result of not doing a little planning in advance. Figuring out our meals on the weekend is definitely a habit worth keeping up with although I haven’t quite figured out how to anticipate what I am going to want five days from now. It seems to serve me better when I have four or five meal options that I can pick or choose from for lunch and dinner throughout the week (Feel free to hit me with your tips! Especially if you have any good vegetarian meal plan ideas).

I know that with my meal plans it is much easier to hit the reset button at the beginning of the new week than it is if I slack on my workouts. In that department I have a lot of momentum built up and I am fiercely determined not to let anything slow it down.