Body Back workouts officially started this past week but this program is so much more than just a great (and efficient) workout. There are a wealth of tools and resources built into this program. I will go more into the workouts with next week’s post but I want to share a little about the community that is such a big part of the program’s success.

All of the women gathered last weekend to kick off the program with orientation. During that time we went over some simple recommendations to yield the best results for Body Back. We also discussed the name of the program. Even though the word back is in the name, this program is not about striving for some wistful pre-kid body. It is about transformation, reclaiming time for ourselves, and focusing on what we need to feel healthy, complete and our best self. It is a forward looking program that is characterized by support, visioning, and action planning.

We also took time to do individual (and confidential) assessments by collecting data that would help us track our progress over the next eight weeks. This included taking our photos of where we are now along with our blood pressure, body measurements, weight, and baselines for simple activities like 3 minutes of stair steps, the amount of time we could hold a plank and the number of pushups we could do.

We discussed creating a SMART goal (simple, measurable, attainable, reasonable, and attaching a timeline). Here are some of the SMART goals from the women participating in the group:

  • “Cut out the weeknight glass of wine or beer. (Substituting the beer with a La Croix has been a nice 0 calorie fun-drink alternative.)”

  • “Fully commit to working out and eating healthy throughout the entire program.”

  • “Meal plan and food prep each weekend, and workout at least 3 times a week. (I do so much better when I am prepared.)”

  • “Enter all of my food into My fitness Pal (writing everything down I eat and keeping a journal of exactly what goes in helps me see the relationship between how I feel and what I eat. When junk food enters my body it affects how I feel the rest of the day!”)

  • “Do away with refined sugar. (I made the mistake of having some over Christmas and now I have a craving for it.)”

The dialogue between other mom’s in the group (we have a small facebook group where we share challenges, victories, and tools with one another) has also been really helpful. This forum is great for sharing ideas with one another. One thing I am glad I learned about before we started the program is the My Fitness Pal app. I loathe counting calories because let’s be honest, that is a lot of work! Not with this app though. I downloaded it and easily tracked my food (down to the number of office candies I had each day) and I am officially hooked on this device! It was very easy to enter items in and find a comparable nutritional match for every single item I ate this week. I don’t buy into restrictive dieting but I found so much value in just knowing where I stood each day. I did not have to make any major changes to stay within the number of calories I want to meet my personal goals (which made me very happy!). It provides an overall nutritional analysis that outlines when I am getting enough, too much or not enough fiber, fats, protein, calcium, potassium, iron, vitamins, and sugars. I am paying better attention to which vegetables I need to get more of as a result of that information.

During orientation we received an awesome recipe book and meal planning guide as well. There was a chart in the back for vegetarians and vegans to easily convert the recipes to meatless meals which I personally really appreciate. I am not huge on figuring out which meals I am going to eat which nights but I do like to know what the 3 or 4 main courses will be for the week and this simple guide makes it simple to chart out a week’s worth of meals so I know what I need to prep and cook on Sundays.

Adapting to this program did not feel like a burden or a chore. I am really enjoying the simplicity and efficiency so far. Next week I will go into more detail about the actual workout. For now I will leave you with a picture of our group at the end of our last session. We finish each class with a rewarding little meditation. If you are in the morning class it is a great way to kick off the day and I would bet the evening class agrees it is an awesome way to finish the day.