Cheers to the New Year!

Today I am goal-setting and planning for 2017. I avoid New Year resolutions since 365 day promises seem destined to fail between a mix of too much time and not enough accountability. This year I am committing to self-care by building a fail-proof plan to make health and fitness a top priority in my life again. I am not doing this alone though. I am enlisting support by joining FIT4MOM'S 8-week Body Back Transformation program. After participating in a preview class a few weeks ago, I am confident this program offers what I need in order to fulfill my commitment and make myself the first priority of my day.

After having my son everything about my busy working/mom life was perfect except for one thing: I could not figure out how to get a legit workout in. I have played sports my whole life. I love being part of a team and have found that I push myself harder when there is social interaction. Once I had a baby I could no longer make time for team sports schedules after my workday was through. I had a little one that needed my time and attention and so my workouts stopped working out. When Lindsay Gilvin started FIT4MOM in Lexington 3 years ago it filled a huge void in my life. My son was nearing one then and I still thank my lucky stars that this community came into my life when it did! Within just a few months of starting, my body was stronger than ever and my self-care game went to A++.

One year later I changed careers and started my own business. Balancing business, family and self is no joke!! I bet you can guess which one of those three is the first to get cut when time and energy is thin (hint: it was not my family nor my business). A few months ago I started working with a coach to help me increase productivity, efficiency and build new habits that bring balance to my life. The results have been impressive to say the least. I feel more efficient, focused, and I have freed up a lot of space for the things that matter most (the fact that I am even finding time to reflect and type out my thoughts is testament to that!). However, there is one area that gets short-changed when my day goes sideways: my workout.

Which brings me back to the the Body Back preview class I attended a few weeks ago. I began recognizing the muscles that have been missing my attention over the last few years and it occurred to me that this high intensity class has just what I need to make self-care a priority again for several reasons:

1) Efficiency: this class is intense! We go hard the whole hour.

2) It’s just me and several other mamas (no kids means I don’t have a three year old begging for a snack that I can hide behind whenever my quads are pleading for a break).

3) I will be completing my workout first thing at 5:15am – client emergencies and unexpected fevers are less likely to derail my workout when I have already knocked it out before my feet even touch my office floor.

4) It is not in my small house where toys compete with mat space and laundry competes with mental space.

5) Community: the FIT4MOM classes nurture a community comparable to the best sports teams I have played on. We don’t just sweat together; we share accomplishments, struggles, milestones (and often hand-me-downs) with one another. This group is all about support and celebrating each other and with each other.

Body Back is an 8-week results-based program that not only focuses on building strength, but also empowering one’s self along with the other women in the group. I LOVE how at the end of each class we take a few minutes to meditate, reflect on what we are thankful for, and set good intentions for ourselves. This is something I always mean to do but I do much better when someone coaches me into setting aside some time for myself.

Mark my words - for the next several months I will be running out the door at 5:00 am twice a week to meet up with a group of women and knock out a high intensity workout before my family even pops their heads out of bed. I could not be more excited about this journey! I will share more about this program and what all it entails (the successes and the challenges) along the way but if you are a mom and want to meet me there; I would love to share our support for self-care together in person in 2017.

Cheers to the New Year!