Challenges & Successes

Marking the halfway point of Body Back, a group of ladies met at the gym early this past Saturday to revisit our goals, discuss challenges and share successes with one another in our pursuit for physical and overall health. We also enjoyed an extra Body Back class for good measure.

The nutritional component of this class has not been a struggle for me, but I do not typically stress over food as long as I get lots of fruits, veggies, and whole foods and am reasonable about sweets. While discussing challenges, Lindsay reminded us that the nutrition component is not meant to be restrictive but to encourage us to eat food that nourishes both mind and body.

The reminder I needed the most is to prioritize self-care. We all agreed to get this time in at least three times a week.

Several of the challenges that were shared amongst the group included:

  • Avoiding office snacks and sweets,

  • Finding ways to eat healthy while being on the run,

  • Lunch and dinner restaurant dates where food is not as nutritious as a home-cooked meal,

  • Remembering to drink enough water,

  • Finding motivation to exercise outside group workouts,

  • Not having an appetite for healthy food,

  • Finding time for meal planning, and

  • Getting tired of eating the same thing.

One frustration for me personally has been the way My Fitness Pal doesn’t differentiate good calories from bad calories, particularly relevant to my chickpea obsession (a half a cup has as many calories as a hoagie sized sandwich!). Again, insert reminder to focus less on daily caloric intake and more on the nutritional content comprising those calories.

We also shared ideas on how we personally tackle some of the challenges others are struggling with:

  • Drink 8 ounces of water before eating a tempting office snack.

  • Eat a small salad or health snack before going out to eat to curb appetite.

  • Pack a lunch in a cooler with food that is easy to eat on the run such as wraps, fruits, and veggie sticks.

  • Set a phone reminder to drink water.

  • Use a food saver to freeze leftovers to prevent getting bored with eating the same meal all week

As far as meal planning goes, we all agreed we are desperately short on time but certainly feel like the week ahead is much easier when we make time on the weekend to knock food prep out. Regarding sugar, we simply validated one another that it is addictive and a habit that takes a lot of effort to kick. Keeping healthier sweets around like fruit, popcorn, and dark chocolate might help redirect cravings.

We also shared our successes with one another, and the list was long! Here is a handful:

  • Successfully running 2 miles to the park and back with kids in the stroller.

  • Drinking a ton of water each week.

  • Fitting into pre-pregnancy jeans!

  • Sticking to the meal plan.

  • Getting in a 3rd and 4th work out each week.

  • Lots and lots of weight loss!

  • Keeping a consistent workout schedule.

  • Improving endurance.

  • Burning 2100 calories in one week!

  • Tons more stamina and strength.

Everyone in the group is thrilled with the results so far and we are only half-way there. There is one detail though that had everyone a bit on edge. What will we do at the end of the program? Everyone in the group was very relieved to learn that there are some surprises in the works that will help us stick with the Body Back program once we have completed the initial course. More details on that to be revealed in the future!

But for now I need to focus on self-care and meal prepping for the week ahead.