Beth's Body Back Journey


Life has been crazy, y'all! For the last several weeks I was intensely focused on passing a test while balancing work, family, and attempting to keep up with daily life requirements like clean clothes, preparing healthy meals, breathing. Even the simple stuff started to feel hard!

Unfortunately, planning and prepping healthy meals gets thrown to the curb when life gets chaotic and busy. After doing great with entering my meals into My Fitness Pal for the first five weeks, the last week turned into a tailspin. I stopped tracking my meals and one missed day turned into two, turned into a week and with it I willfully became less aware of the decisions I have been making.

I have no clue if I ate healthy or not throughout the week but I certainly was not as cognizant about what I was eating. I value the data and notice I am more deliberate about portions and choices when I am tracking my meals throughout the day. It also helps me feel good about the occasional indulgence when I eat some delicious treat and still fall within my daily nutrition goals (talking to you...


Marking the halfway point of Body Back, a group of ladies met at the gym early this past Saturday to revisit our goals, discuss challenges and share successes with one another in our pursuit for physical and overall health. We also enjoyed an extra Body Back class for good measure.

The nutritional component of this class has not been a struggle for me, but I do not typically stress over food as long as I get lots of fruits, veggies, and whole foods and am reasonable about sweets. While discussing challenges, Lindsay reminded us that the nutrition component is not meant to be restrictive but to encourage us to eat food that nourishes both mind and body.

The reminder I needed the most is to prioritize self-care. We all agreed to get this time in at least three times a week.

Several of the challenges that were shared amongst the group included:

  • Avoiding office snacks and sweets,

  • Finding ways to eat healthy while being on the run,

  • Lunch and dinner restaurant dates where food is not as nutritious as a home-cooked...


Four weeks down, four weeks to go!

My half-way assessment: this program is so much more incredible than I initially thought it would be. I expected it to be something I would commit to, I would be happy I did it, but I would wake each morning dreading the workout ahead until the hour was up. Really happy to say, my expectations have been pleasantly flipped on their head.

I love this class, I love this program, I love the women I workout with each morning, and I love, love, love feeling strong!

The workouts continue to be intense but it has become so much easier to stay in each interval throughout the whole class. The added strength in my arms, legs, and core are already noticeable after just a month of the Body Back program. One thing I have never been good at is a full push up. Lately I get an urge to hop into pushups just to see how many I can knock out (the number is not high but it is definitely more than I could do four weeks ago, and my form is on point!). Being able to feel a difference from my toes to my nose really helps me push myself to go a...


The second week of Body Back is a wrap and I am totally in love with this program. In this post I am going to describe how the workouts are structured (and a little more about why I love it so).

The workouts are 60 minutes. The exercises vary from day to day but the class is formatted based on the principles of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). If you are not familiar with HIIT programs they are a method known for building muscles and burning fat by “alternating between intense bursts of activity followed by fixed periods of less-intense activity or complete rest.” This means we go hard for a minute, then we rest. Repeat. Repeat again.

Most morning we will do multiple intervals featuring 1 minute of cardio, 1 minute of strength, and 1 minute of core. Typically, we do each interval 3 times before beginning a different set of exercises. We all wear heart monitors and the information (our heart rate and the zone we are in) is displayed on a screen to ensure we are at a resting rate before we begin our next exercise. It’s great getting some validation when I...


Body Back workouts officially started this past week but this program is so much more than just a great (and efficient) workout. There are a wealth of tools and resources built into this program. I will go more into the workouts with next week’s post but I want to share a little about the community that is such a big part of the program’s success.

All of the women gathered last weekend to kick off the program with orientation. During that time we went over some simple recommendations to yield the best results for Body Back. We also discussed the name of the program. Even though the word back is in the name, this program is not about striving for some wistful pre-kid body. It is about transformation, reclaiming time for ourselves, and focusing on what we need to feel healthy, complete and our best self. It is a forward looking program that is characterized by support, visioning, and action planning.

We also took time to do individual (and confidential) assessments by collecting data that would help us track our progress over the next eight weeks. This...


Last week was the final Fit4Mom Body Back preview class before we start our 8 week program. The following day I went to my company’s annual kick-off meeting where Dan McDonnell (University of Louisville’s baseball coach) spoke and encouraged us to set up our environment to “Win the Morning!” His talk was so well timed and I am really excited about how Body Back is helping me move toward this goal.

I have done three preview classes now. They are a sweat-producing, muscle-toning, workouts-and-a-half. I have been mentally prepping and planning so I can get out the door in time for the 5:15 am workout, make it back home to shower and get ready for work, all done in half the time I normally take. This means food prep on the weekend (non-negotiable), having my outfit laid out the night before, and breakfasts and lunches ready to grab and go each day.

If you cannot tell from my previous posts, I live a pretty high octane lifestyle where it is go, go, go from sun-up to sun-down. I am looking forward to my new commitment to Body Back though and I have enlisted the help of a...

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 7.57.23 PM.png

In the coming weeks I will be sharing my experience with Fit4Mom’s Body Back program, but while I eagerly wait for these classes to get started I want to share why I am so enthusiastic about the Fit4Mom program and what Lindsay Gilvin’s Stroller Strides program has offered the Lexington mom community over the last three years.

Backing up: October 2013, Savannah, GA. Heading to the beach with my 4 month old and husband. Approaching a gorgeous Savannah park as we leave our condo. I spot something foreign. Something awesome. Something I was desperately missing in my life. I shriek and briefly contemplate ditching my husband and the beach to run from my car and join what lied ahead. There before me were a dozen or so grown women (20, 30, and 40 somethings) doing full field sprints. Legs running so fast, sweat pouring down, these women were getting it like they were in the middle of two-a-days at the beginning of soccer season. Except they clearly were not part of any soccer team I had ever seen because at the base of their sprint camp were a couple dozen strollers...


Today I am goal-setting and planning for 2017. I avoid New Year resolutions since 365 day promises seem destined to fail between a mix of too much time and not enough accountability. This year I am committing to self-care by building a fail-proof plan to make health and fitness a top priority in my life again. I am not doing this alone though. I am enlisting support by joining FIT4MOM'S 8-week Body Back Transformation program. After participating in a preview class a few weeks ago, I am confident this program offers what I need in order to fulfill my commitment and make myself the first priority of my day.

After having my son everything about my busy working/mom life was perfect except for one thing: I could not figure out how to get a legit workout in. I have played sports my whole life. I love being part of a team and have found that I push myself harder when there is social interaction. Once I had a baby I could no longer make time for team sports schedules after my workday was through. I had a little one that needed my time and attention and...